About Us

The Ideal Logistics Partner for Business of All Sizes and within All Industries

Britannia Dynamic Logistics (BDL) is the perfect logistics partner for any business involved in international trade.

Not only is BDL of a size that offers personal attentive service, it also offers multi-modal transport solutions organised by a of team of European, UK and International freight forwarding experts.

This team has a combined 150 years of experience and will work with you to offer the most flexible – cost effective transport solutions.

BDL can also offer your business centrally located warehousing, within the UK, with linked 3PL services complemented with the latest stock management and tracking technology.

"Road - rail - sea - air - We can provide the most flexible and cost effective means of transportation."

Phil Schiaffino
Operations Director

Mission Statement & Environmental Policy

BDL’s Directors and Management ensures that the the following statement, underlining BDL’s commitment to quality of service and its commitment to the environment, is fully understood and implemented throughout the company and its network of trade partners:
“BDL will always provide the highest quality of service, in all aspects of work, undertaken for its customers. This will be achieved by BDL, its approved trade partners and suppliers giving priority to all stated and documented BDL customer requirements – using BDL’s proven and efficient systems. In so doing, BDL ensures that all of its customer expectations are fulfilled.”
BDL is also committed to minimising its impact on the environment using the following methods:

Adhere to legislative requirements in order to reduce the impact upon the environment of any BDL operations;

Ensure that BDL’s approved trade partners implement and maintain systems for controlling their impact on the environment;

Regular environmental performance reviews in line with…..

Strategic targets for both reducing and where possible – eliminating BDL’s impact on the environment and where necessary, to ……

Engage with external experts, gaining advise on how BDL can minimise any potential adverse impact of its operations on the environment.”



Having the right systems and team in place ensures that each shipment we can handle runs smoothly and delivered on time

Added Value

A realistic and sensible approach to pricing allows you to utilise our services as and when you require, for projects of all sizes, without worrying about your budget


The BDL senior management team offers you over 150 years of combined experience, within the international transportation sector, providing you with complete peace of mind

The Optimum Size

BDL is the epitome of the saying ‘large enough to cope; small enough to care.’

Environmentally Aware

BDL is committed to an ongoing environmental awareness programme in order to minimise its impact to the planet.